Tor des Géants® 2015 Wine - 3lt - Torrette Superior

Tor des Géants® 2015 Wine - 3lt - Torrette Superior

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Do you want to celebrate with a bottle Tor des Géants®?
Are you going to make a gift unique to a friend or a collector of 'unique pieces'?

Here is the wine with the label's exclusive Tor des Géants® 2015, and this year produced only in a limited and numbered edition, 330 big bottles. 
A red wine to extra large size, proposed in Jeroboam format (or double magnum).

Perfect for a group dinner or to celebrate a very special event such as Tor, or to collect.

The wine classified Towers Supérieur Doc, you got four traditional varieties and exclusive of Valle d'Aosta: the Petit Rouge, mainly, with percentages Majolet, Cornalin and Fumin, who value always the small but rich and ancient regional viticulture . Grapes were harvested during 2014, considered in itself "exceptional" for perfection and the ripening of the grapes, which have been further selected by the manufacturer, the Cave Des Onze Comunes, Aymavilles, just west of Aosta. A Winery founded in the mid-80s and now involves about 200 small growers pledging in 53 hectares of vineyards. All divided into eleven communities (hence the name of the manufacturer) where is permitted to produce wine Towers.

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